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‘This has blown everything I have ever done out of the water.’

Helen Sully, Change Manager and Psychologist, Kier

‘Attending the Conscious Leadership School practitioner programme  with Chantal Burns, was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Not only from a business perspective but from a personal perspective also.  I am forever grateful for what I learned, for the leadership and coaching skills I was given and for the knowledge and understanding of how our mind works and the innate capacity for insight, clarity and creativity that we all have.

From a practical perspective, being involved in the advanced programme in the 2nd year was so useful as I got involved with the creation and design and delivery of sessions for a live client. This opportunity to observe and respond to their reactions, questions and responses to the teaching was invaluable.  As a business coach with my own clients (and coaching consultancy), all the sessions I design now, have been built from what I was taught within the CLS practitioner programme.

The knowledge and experience of all the faculty within the CLS was vast and it was great to get the different perspectives and teaching styles.

On a separate note and something I never expected was the lifelong friendships forged with the rest of the ‘crew’.

The whole two years was an incredible experience, worth every penny paid…and more.’ 

Claire Sewell – Business Coach 

“I have known Chantal for over 10 years, as a colleague and friend, and have always been impressed by the certainty and clarity she brings to her work. She shares such a warmth and humour that clients relax easily and feel deeply supported by her. Take any chance you get to work with this extraordinary coach and teacher.”

Mark Howard, PhD – Psychologist

‘The Conscious Leadership School State of Mind Seminar is an eye opening experience that all managers and leaders should take the opportunity to participate in. It is truly amazing that learning something so simple about how the mind works can change your entire perception on life, leading to many positive changes. As a result of this seminar I have become a calmer, more understanding and level headed manager, husband and father – all from learning and becoming cognizant of what can and what cannot  impact your current state of mind.

I recommend this seminar for any manager or leader who wants to feel less stressed and more empowered and effective in all areas of your life. You will be amazed at the results.’

Scott Mele – Sales Manager, Cobham

‘Chantal is an extraordinary individual who produces extraordinary results. As a client of Chantal’s for some time, her teaching showed me a view of the world and myself that changed my past, my present and my future forever. The impact on all areas of my life was immediate and continues strongly 3 years on. My performance at work improved immeasurably as I can now lead without my own personal barriers getting in the way, and I see through daily issues in a way that stops them from being obstacles. The relationships I have not only with my family, friends and colleagues, but also with myself, have never been stronger and simpler. I take action now. I don’t wait to give myself permission to do things anymore and I don’t put unnecessary barriers in my own way. The change is profound and the learning continues every day. This programme will transform how you lead, live and work. I cannot recommend it highly enough’

Sarah Messer, Director, Nielsen

‘After attending the Conscious Leadership Program I’m more in the moment, and able to listen with more presence, patience and less frustration which has made a real difference in influencing others.  This is an invaluable education for leaders who want to lead with clarity and presence.’

Senior Vice President –  TD BANK

“This seminar was life changing. I’ve read a multitude of leadership and self-help books over the years. Just when I thought I’d researched and studied it all, the opportunity to attend the CLS Program came along. It showed me how the mind actually works which none of the other seminars have even touched on. They all focus on how to treat the resulting behaviours, but not the true cause. Conscious Leadership digs deeper, exposing the root of the human experience, changing every aspect of your life in the most positive ways. This essential education is not just for business leaders – it’s beneficial for every person on any path in life.”
Melissa Foote – Manager of Program Sales

If you are looking to face your leadership challenges with renewed clarity and focus, the CLS Leadership State of Mind Seminar is well worth the investment.  As leaders, we need to commit to personal growth and development – never stop learning!
Dr. S. C. Palmateer Foundry Director, BAE Systems

I definitely recommend this hands down, without a shadow of a doubt and I’d probably recommend this over the Masters. I’m so pleased that I did it this year. 
Jeanette Reed – Change & Project Manager, WPP

Chantal was an inspirational guide for me . I approached her at a point in my career when I needed to change my leadership style and operate from a more empowered position. Chantal helped me to understand how I was perceiving situations in my mind and in turn how that was shaping my own performance as a leader. I realised how pre-conceptions stop us from connecting and engaging colleagues and clients. Chantal’s guidance has continued to be transformational in both personal and business situations.  
Damon Jevons, Director – AON Hewitt
‘Before the CLS program, I believed that getting caught up in my thoughts and feeling busy-minded was normal, especially at work in challenging circumstances.  Now I recognize that the calmness and clarity I experienced in the sessions are a natural state available to me any time. I’ve been able to let go of work thoughts for longer periods over the weekend than previously and as a result, I can more deeply relax during my time away from work.

In addition, my listening skills have definitely improved!  I’m more present and better able to support others, as I no longer stop their flow in my attempts to help them along.

I highly recommend the CLS State of Mind programme if you want to lead with presence and perspective.’

Jacqueline – Vice President, Engineering

“Being part of the Conscious Leadership School programme, has enabled me to achieve more that I could ever have dreamed.

18 months ago I left a very successful consulting business to start a vegan food company. No experience, no idea of the outcome. People keep telling me I must be stressed and overworked. I am neither. Challenges are becoming more and more fun and my capacity to deal with situations as they happen, not worry about worrying or get stressed when I think I’m stressed, has allowed me to grow a company faster than I could have ever imagined was possible.

I get to access my best self the majority of the time, but most importantly, I understand my team and see them for the humans that they are, and I feel fully equipped to guide them through their own challenging moments.

The programme and Chantal’s guidance has been invaluable.”  

Hannah Carter – CEO, OGGS

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