The Hidden Bias that leads to Burnout by Chantal Burns

Recently, there's been a huge rise in organisational wellbeing initiatives, in order to address the mental health of staff.  But there’s an unconscious bias which is silently stifling this noble intention. I'm naming it the ‘At Any Cost’ bias.  We all know people who are ultra competitive, driven, conscientious or ambitious and who ofte...

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But What if it Does Happen? by Chantal Burns

Something I often hear people say about anxiety and life situations is  "It's ok because most of the stuff I worry about will probably never happen". It’s fair to say that most of what we catastrophise about may never happen and some of what we don't think about will happen. But true resilience doesn't mean putting a positive spin on things. ...

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Are you doing people’s thinking for them? by Chantal B...

We're told frequently by our clients that they want their people to be self-directed or be braver, better problem solvers etc. Yet what they do (innocently) is encourage the very opposite behaviour. As leaders or managers, one of the key questions we need to ask ourselves is: 'Are we thinking for people or thinking with people?  To thrive and...

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The Value of Insight

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