The Problem with Problems is a Cause-Effect Confusion by Cha...

Imagine that you're trekking through the forest, using your trusty compass to navigate through       the endless twists and turns, in order to get home. Now imagine if that compass were faulty.         Every turn you take is potentially taking you further away from where you need to be. The biggest issue with solving problems is a faulty ...

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Easier Decision Making : Part One – The 5 Keys by Chan...

People can find the experience of making decisions difficult [me included sometimes] and given that leaders are making decisions every day, it's an important area to learn more about. The greatest barriers to making clear decisions [according to 700+ staff and leaders via my research into ‘The role of Though...

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Business Growth Summit Key Note 2016 with Chantal Burns

Hear Chantal Burns give an inspiring talk about Conscious Leadership to 160 leaders at the Business Growth Summit in Autumn 2016.   ...

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