The Problem with Problems is a Cause-Effect Confusion by Cha...

Imagine that you're trekking through the forest, using your trusty compass to navigate through the endless twists and turns in order to get home. Now imagine that compass is faulty.  Every turn you take is potentially taking you further away from where you need to be. The biggest issue with solving problems is a faulty navigation system which ...

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The 5 game-changing keys to clearer, easier decision making

Making decisions is something we do every day - sometimes several times a day. And sometimes those decisions can have great impact. So it's important that we bring as much perspective to our decision making as possible. This article explores the myths and keys to great decision making. What gets in the way of dec...

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What do Mother-in-laws, Christmas decorations and sunshine h...

The BBC reported on some new research. Apparently, it's been discovered that if you put your Christmas decorations up early, you will be happier - the reason being that it brings back happy childhood memories. A BBC guest therapist - a fan of decorating early - went on to say “Why have just 7 days of happiness when you can have 35 days!" Sh...

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