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Watch this video and discover what we’ll explore at our next Conscious Leadership event happening in November 2017 near Boston.

To find out more or book your place, you can also download the flyer below:-


And read what some of the attendees of previous events have to say…


“Before the CLS program, I believed that getting caught up in my thoughts and feeling busy-minded was normal, especially at work in challenging circumstances.  Now I recognize that the calmness and clarity I experienced in the sessions are a natural state available to me any time. I’ve been able to let go of work thoughts for longer periods over the weekend than previously and as a result, I can more deeply relax during my time away from work.

In addition, my listening skills have definitely improved!  I’m more present and better able to support others, as I no longer stop their flow in my attempts to help them along. 

I highly recommend the CLS State of Mind programme if you want to lead with presence and perspective.” Jacqueline – Vice President, Engineering


“The Conscious Leadership School State of Mind Seminar is an eye opening experience that all managers and leaders should take the opportunity to participate in. It is truly amazing that learning something so simple about how the mind works can change your entire perception on life, leading to many positive changes. As a result of this seminar I have become a calmer, more understanding and level headed manager, husband and father – all from learning and becoming cognizant of what can and what cannot  impact your current state of mind.

I recommend this seminar for any manager or leader who wants to feel less stressed and more empowered and effective in all areas of your life. You will be amazed at the results.”

Scott Mele – Sales Manager, Cobham


“After attending the Conscious Leadership Program I’m more in the moment, and able to listen with more presence, patience and less frustration which has made a real difference in influencing others.  This is an invaluable education for leaders who want to lead with clarity and presence.” 

Senior Vice PresidentTD BANK


“This seminar was life changing. I’ve read a multitude of leadership and self-help books over the years. Just when I thought I’d researched and studied it all, the opportunity to attend the CLS Program came along. It showed me how the mind actually works which none of the other seminars have even touched on. They all focus on how to treat the resulting behaviours, but not the true cause. Conscious Leadership digs deeper, exposing the root of the human experience, changing every aspect of your life in the most positive ways. This essential education is not just for business leaders – it’s beneficial for every person on any path in life.”
Melissa Foote, 
Manager of Program Sales


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